Advisory Council to Chicago: Make no small plans.

On June 15, Julia Stasch, chair of the Mayor's Advisory Council on Closing the Digital Divide unveiled the advisory report under the title: The City that NetWorks: Transforming Society and Economy Through Digital Excellence.

According to the report: Chicago should take on a Campaign for Digital Excellence, establish a Partnership for a Digital Chicago and a Digital Excellence Trust. The Public Sector should lead by example. Colleges and Universities, the Private Sector, Community Based and Non-Profit Organizations are all called upon to move Chicago forward, together.

The city is called upon to designate start-up funds and ongoing revenue from the wireless network to these efforts. This is grounded in a major platform of the CDAA: the wireless network vendors are not best situated to design or implement a digital inclusion strategy. That task should be in the hands of community and civic leaders, and it should move forward under the more ambitious frame of Digital Excellence.

This document marks a milestone for our city. The CDAA is proud to see the vision of Digital Excellence given the attention it deserves.

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