Fantasy Empire Review

Ever since the release of The Lord of the Rings movie, there has been a surge in the popularity of Fantasy Empire. A fair amount of people who have seen the movie, have said that it is the best fantasy movie they have ever seen. The movie has made quite an impact on many people, especially on those who are into the fantasy genre.

In The Lord of the Rings movie, Middle Earth was changed into a big city filled with magic and beasts. With the help of this magic, Lord of the Rings came to life in front of their eyes. This was because, when the magic is applied by Gandalf, he turns into a wizard that could control all the creatures in Middle Earth.

The creator of The Lord of the Rings said that there were two parts to Middle Earth: North and South. He also said that the wild beast under the ice would be with the Hobbits in North and the evil sword would be with the Dwarves in South. With this in mind, it is obvious that there is a natural conflict in the two parts of Middle Earth. Hence, Fantasy Empire focuses on the existence of an evil ruler who creates chaos in the lives of the Hobbits, Dwarves and the Ents.

Fantasy Empire takes you into a world full of magic and monsters. It depicts the political conflicts in a fictional and magical world. It is set in a medieval setting and has some monsters which would fit in with what we call as the creatures of myth.

The story of Fantasy Empire starts from when the Hobbits are attacked by orcs. They are taken to the Dwarves for help but they can’t get away with the elves because of the power of magic. The elves know how to make the Hobbits see and hear things clearly. However, the Hobbits are in the grip of the evil King under the Mountain and the dragon.

Fantasy Empire has lots of quests, fights and quests. You will have to engage in battle against lots of enemies and even though you may end up being killed at the end of it, you can always look for new quests to take the game further. The graphics in the game is done in a realistic way that makes you feel as if you are really there.

The only thing that most people have complained about in Fantasy Empire is the lack of character customization. There are a lot of choices in the game but you will have to face them one by one. To make things easy for the gamers, you can always refer to the tips and tricks section of the game for hints about the different options and how to earn more points.