Mi Flights App

This application has the absolute tendency to utilize the data present on the web to provide the latest updates and tracking status or live flights. You can also tap the navigation bar and go through the selected airport and learn about the departure or arrival of the flights. What could be better than the application that can display the status of live fights without offering any hassle?

Better updates and absolute tracking

The mi flights app has the most efficient flight Rider network along with an augmented reality view through which you can easily get the updates. You can also know the inline flights for arrival or departure through any airport all across the world. This application is also compatible with Android, iPhone or iPad. Following the settings option, you can easily switch the animation once you are done.

What makes it unique?

This application is available in multiple languages including traditional Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and many more. It is available with simple navigation tools and you also get absolute Radar view for the selected flights appearing on the screen. Selection with the airport of light is also not a complicated task as you can go through the navigation bar available in multiple characters and go through the available location options.