Downelink App – Social Media App For The LGBTQ Community

Today the LGBTQ community forms a major part of our modern society. People are proudly embracing their sexuality and with same sex marriage becoming legal in a lot of states more and more people are coming out of closet these days.

Even though their number is much larger today than it was a few years back, there are still no specialized apps on the internet that will help the LGBTQ community to freely socialize and meet other people with similar sexual preferences and interests.

The downelink app might just be the very first gay and lesbian social network on the app store. It has a simple single aim, make people of the LGBTQ community meet other people and widen their base of friends and acquaintances.

Features Of The App

The sole idea behind the creation of this application is the first of its kinds. It is unique and it is bringing to the market something that no one thought of bringing before and this is the reason behind its rising popularity and usage. Downelink provides a very big platform for people to socialize and there is someone for every other person in there. Its algorithms are strong enough to recommend special people for users with special interests and it is smart enough to recognize frauds and block them for inappropriate behavior.